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Inner Space

So, to get the ball rolling on things I’m going to start with some lyrics I wrote the other night, mainly because it’s 2:30am and I don’t have any other material to hand but also because they inspired the name of this site. It’s fun, fun, fun when you just can’t sleep, closing my eyes but I can’t get a peep, so I switch on my laptop and pull up a seat… Those aren’t the lyrics by the way (they’re rubbish). These are:

Inner Space

Well I’m chasing you around, Wherever you are bound

I can barely hear the sound, Of you in front of me

There’s an awful lot of noise, Of people and their toys

That try to tell you, Life is not about movement

I can barely hear their cry, They can sink until it dies

And leave me out of sync, with all their bullshit and lies

I will dream until I’m clean, Of all that’s not what it seems

A disease that needs to be seen, Torn apart is what I mean

Somewhere there is a place, Of endless time and space

But I’m not supposed to taste, It until I’m free

So I’ll let it let me drown, In a space where up is down

Around and around and around

In a space where up is down


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