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Brighton Recording Studios – A Short Guide

More and more bands and solo artists at grass roots level are taking the option of recording their music at home. The last ten years has seen an explosion of DIY recordings, due mainly to the availability of laptops, cheap recording software and the rise of Myspace and Facebook as free tools for anyone around the world to listen to their tracks.

But there’s still nothing quite like the well rounded sound provided by a professional recording studio. Without meaning to degrade the artistic process, your music is your product and reflects what you are trying to sell. With so much competition surely you should try to get the best possible recordings you can afford to make sure you stand out from the crowd?

Brighton, as we all know, is an incredibly musical town and as a result there are many options when it comes to choosing a recording studio. Below is a run down of some of the best.

Organised Rhyme

Located on Church Road, Hove, this small studio is hidden down behind the shops on the main road. But don’t let the size fool you; there’s more than enough room for a full band to lay down an album as well as a separate room for solo artists. The studio is run by Chris Daniels, an engineer and producer with over 25 years experience in the business. He uses Pro Tools HD software (also used by Niko Bolas, producer for Neil Young and John Mayer) and a Sony C-800G valve microphone (which is basically very expensive, very good quality and used a lot in the R n B and rapper industry)

He has a minimum charge of £50 for three hours or four plus hours for £15 an hour. A full day of ten hours costs £150. He also offers a special deal of five consecutive weekdays for the price of four.

Audio Beach Studios

Tucked away on Lansdowne Mews is Audio Beach Studios, a lottery funded, not for profit studio. Run by Forbes Coleman, this studio is compact and produces quality recordings for local bands and solo artists such as Pink Narcissus, My Red Angel and the famous Stereophonics. Forbes is knowledgeable and knows his equipment very well with enough flexibility to help artists achieve the sound they are looking for. He uses Logic Studio 8, which is professional standard recording software and a Shure SM57 microphone.

For solo artists looking for two to three demo tracks he offers 3 hours for £50. For a full weekday, 10am – 5pm, the cost is £160 (this includes full use of the equipment and a CD.)

ALT Recording Studios

This studio, also located on Church Road, is the largest of the three boasting three studios and a live room. The live room was once the vault of a bank and has one metre thick concrete walls. Unfortunately all the money was moved out so there aren’t any hidden wads hiding in the corners but the room is spacious allowing for decent live recording. There are four experienced engineers at your disposal using Pro Tools HD software and a state-of-the-art C24 control panel and this studio even has the luxury of a separate shower and kitchen for the truly dedicated musician.

Since they are at the higher end of recording studios their prices a little more expensive at £60 for an hour, £115 for two hours, £165 for three hours, £200 for four hours or £300 for seven hours. The price includes a CD and engineer.


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