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Alternative Escape: Genrebomb and The Boileroom Showcase

The Great Escape Festival returns to Brighton once again this year from 10– 12th May, with a wealth of events and live music going on around the town. However if, like me, you don’t have the hard cash necessary to actually take part in these events you do still have options, namely in the form […]

An Interview With Hope Rudd

  It would be easy to introduce this article with a spine chillingly cringing pun about there being hope for new music, but instead all I can say is that I Hope you’re Rudd-y for an introduction to one of Brighton’s brightest musical talents, Hope Rudd. Sorry. So Sorry. If you haven’t stopped reading already […]

Buskers Of Brighton: Andy Bibby

Love them or hate them, buskers are absolutely everywhere in Brighton, filling our streets with melodious and sometimes odious music; thanks mainly to the council’s laid back attitude to busking in general. This is the first in a series of articles profiling some of the better acts that linger around our street corners. Andy Bibby […]