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An Interview With Hope Rudd


It would be easy to introduce this article with a spine chillingly cringing pun about there being hope for new music, but instead all I can say is that I Hope you’re Rudd-y for an introduction to one of Brighton’s brightest musical talents, Hope Rudd. Sorry. So Sorry.

If you haven’t stopped reading already then not only are you incredibly forgiving but you also have a desire to discover more about the little gems of quality music dotted in and around this city. For those of you who haven’t heard of her, Hope is currently running the weekly Sunday Hush Hush live acoustic night at White Rabbit pub. She is also an accomplished musician and can be heard playing in and around the Brighton area. I caught up with her at her current base of operations in White Rabbit.

“I wanted to be a dancer when I was really young but I fucked up my leg,” says Hope between sipping a pint. “I knew I wanted to be an artist and obviously there’s movement in music; I draw a lot of inspiration from dance so when I’m on stage I can still express myself.”

Like many hormone fuelled teenagers, her reason for picking up a guitar had a romantic motivation, “I wanted to start playing guitar because I had a girl crush on this amazing guitarist. I was about 14 and thought it would be logical to take up guitar so that I could woo her. Obviously I didn’t take into account that learning guitar is a mission and she’d already been playing for ages so comparatively I looked like even more of a douche. She came to see me play about two years ago and enjoyed the set so I guess it was worth it. She’s still way out of my league!”

Having recovered from the bitter heartache of jilted love, Hope went on to develop her own unique sound. Her music predominantly uses acoustic layering and an impressive array of pedals to create melodic yet intense songs, “I love bands like At The Drive-In and Hendrix. I’m also influenced by writing especially Orwell and political issues. They’re like drugs that give me new perspectives on things. The main writer who inspires me by far is Ray Bradbury, he’s bloody amazing. As long as it’s dystopian I’m a fan. They hugely inspire my lyrics and also the way I approach my songs as an entity I guess.”

She has big plans for what she wants to do with her songs in the future, “I really want to put a band together, something like a wall of noise, big but soft. It’s going to be a lot of intimate stuff that plays with perspective like Mars Volta, but less heavy. I like using dynamics and making people listen by catching their attention with a sound-scape they might not have heard before. Eventually I want to tour with my music, just go off in the back of a van. I know I don’t want to be signed though.”

Her reasons for not wanting to be signed come down to a desire for artistic integrity and control, “I don’t want to give up control to someone who’s just interested in making money; I want to choose who I record with, who does my artwork, and what my single is,” comments Hope. “I’m hoping that I’ll be able to create an enterprise that signs people of a similar ideology. My plan is to have a hub where producers meet artists who meet photographers etc. I’m probably not explaining it very well but basically a business based on sustaining music

So with her plans for the future laid out, what is it about Brighton that keeps her playing here? “Everyone I know lives around here, which is why I love playing in Brighton so much. Brighton very much has a social hierarchy and it’s uncool to say something is not cool. The venues around here are interesting and the whole town stimulates my mind; it’s a very young city because of the two uni’s and young people flock here because it’s so vibrant.”

The video below is a track by Hope about a man falling from a helicopter. Enjoy.

You can catch Hope running Hush Hush every Sunday from 8pm at the White Rabbit pub. The night features four unique acoustic acts, each with a half hour set. Check out the link below:


Jamie Jolley


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