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Buskers Of Brighton: Andy Bibby

Love them or hate them, buskers are absolutely everywhere in Brighton, filling our streets with melodious and sometimes odious music; thanks mainly to the council’s laid back attitude to busking in general. This is the first in a series of articles profiling some of the better acts that linger around our street corners.

Andy Bibby (and Ian)

Andy is a drummer who attended the Brighton Institute Of Modern Music. He plays drums whilst busking with his friend and guitarist Ian.

How did you and Ian get together musically?

I met Ian whilst busking with a mate of mine called Harvey Fenny, he said he was also a busker and liked my ‘feel’ of drumming, so we exchanged numbers and met up for a busk.

What are your musical influences?

My musical influences reign from all kinds of music but I am inspired by a lot of soul, blues, reggae/ska, hip-hop artists such as Skull Snaps, The Black Keys, The Pioneers, Wu-Tang Clan and many more.

Why did you decide to start busking?

I personally decided to start busking because it’s a really good way of meeting people and earning some pennies while playing music.

Where are your favourite spots to play in the city?

Me and Harvey’s favourite spot to play in the city is outside the theatre royal in the North Laines, because it’s not too busy and not too quiet.

Do you get a good reception or do people get pissed off with your playing?

We mostly get a good reception, but there is the odd shop owner or passer by that will complain to us.

Do you have any funny or weird busker stories?

There are many stories, but the two that are memorable was when a street dancer started dancing next to us when we were playing, another was when a lady threw down a fiver from a balcony of a restaurant.

You can catch up with Andy at http://www.facebook.com/1bibby

Jamie Jolley


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