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Alternative Escape: Genrebomb and The Boileroom Showcase

The Great Escape Festival returns to Brighton once again this year from 10– 12th May, with a wealth of events and live music going on around the town. However if, like me, you don’t have the hard cash necessary to actually take part in these events you do still have options, namely in the form of Alternative Escape, which for the most part doesn’t require entry fees or wristbands.

One of the venues which are offering the best value for money (mainly because it’s free, except for the suggested £3 donation) is The Hydrant and their Genrebomb and The Boileroom Showcase on Friday 11th May. The event has been organised as a collaboration between Guildford based venue The Boileroom and Genrebomb, a Guildford collective who support creative projects and ideas.

There will be live music almost wall to wall from 3pm to 12am featuring a variety of bands from the local area, so if you want to spend a good part of your day hearing some new acts then get your arse down there.

For more information:

www.genrebomb.com; www.theboileroom.net

dan@genrebomb.com;  paul@genrebomb.com;  lydia@theboileroom.net

List of the acts and times:

Subsource 10:35pm – 11:35pm

The snarl of Punk, the oscillating sub bass of dubstep, the harrowing melody of coldwave that make ravers throw shapes, as rockers bang heads, and rude bois throw their hands in the air.

‘Like The Prodigy teaching a noise violation seminar to Sonic Boom Six’ NME


Bad For Lazarus 9:30pm – 10:15pm

Fronted by former Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster guitarist Rich Fownes (who was also briefly in Nine Inch Nails). The vocalist/guitarist is joined by Maud E Licious, Gareth Llewellyn, Jimmy Diego, and Steve Styx. They’ve been described as Buddy Holly meets Slayer, mixed up with punk, hardcore, Motown and doo-wop.


Silent Front 8:35pm – 9:15pm

Angular, discordant and quite frankly, unmissable.  They’ll kick-in your ears, tear you a new one and leave your jaw on the floor in a puddle of sheer joy.

“…A huge, visceral scream of a band; complex, incendiary and throbbing with a primal power.” Subba Cultcha


Djevara 7:40pm – 8:20pm

A unique & experimental blend of post-hardcore/punk rock and alternative metal. Fiercely independent and rooted in DIY, musically they chart ever more progressive territory; dense antagonistic melodies vying with pure, unfettered anger for attention to wrap around a viscerally personal urban poetry.


Love Amongst The Mannequins 6:45pm – 7:25pm

Brighton-based four piece featuring Tobias Hayes (Meet Me In St. Louis, Shoes And Socks Off, Shield Your Eyes); Jonathan Baker (O You Broken Eyes); and Alexander Ross Petersen (Elle Milano, O You Broken Eyes) and Steven Andrew Stride (Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea).


Trails 6:00pm – 6:30pm

A quadruple assault wrapped in the robes of winners, with enough energy to power an entire city: twiddly bits, massive riffs, and sing-alongs galore.

“Vast close-harmony choruses and terrifying hooks are doused in inflammatory party bile. An incendiary band with a bright future.” – Punktastic


Scratch Latin 5:15pm – 5:45pm

Think Russian Circles played by magical creatures from the fairy-tales you’ve forgotten; other influences creep in with hints of Big band swing, Gypsy jazz and Alternative rock all meeting in the ­­­­­middle to create something akin to ‘Post-Rock Pirate Punk’.


Eschar 4:30pm – 5:00pm

Post-rock soundscapes with a metal attitude, Eschar will blow you away. Walls of sound that are undeniably massive yet instantly melodic; rewriting the formula has never sounded so great.


Saint Coltrane 3:45pm – 4:15pm

A Brighton-based collective formed on 1st Jan 2011, they have been steadily gaining new ground as a live act – opening shows for Liturgy, Gay for Johnny Depp, Parts & Labor, and DD/MM/YYYY, among others. Intense, articulate and skewed hardcore from members of Yndi Halda and A Lily.


Flash Bang Band 3:00pm – 3:30pm

“Jaunty attitude, Blur’s Coffee and TV bastardised by a moustache-laden, tweed-wearing country type on a summer’s day. They’re good, trust me.” Artrocker


The Hydrant pub:

Jamie Jolley


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