The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (6 bands that just keep coming back)

Band reformations can be a controversial issue. You can never be quite sure if behind the smiles and “we’re suddenly best mates now” image there’s a cynical get rich quick scheme grinding into motion. And maybe it’s just me, but more and more once famous and successful bands are getting back together ever since the […]

Five Brilliant Album Covers

Call me old fashioned but in a way I’m sad that albums aren’t produced as vinyl anymore in the same numbers that they used to be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s bloody brilliant being able to fit 80 albums onto a small square in my pocket (I have an Ipod Nano and I love it) […]

Brighton Recording Studios – A Short Guide

More and more bands and solo artists at grass roots level are taking the option of recording their music at home. The last ten years has seen an explosion of DIY recordings, due mainly to the availability of laptops, cheap recording software and the rise of Myspace and Facebook as free tools for anyone around […]

What’s The Deal With Jazz? (Blues Jam At The Brunswick)

There aren’t many musical styles so divisive as Jazz, except perhaps for Prog-rock which owes much of its influences to Jazz anyway, especially with bands such as King Crimson. The problem with Jazz is that some of it sounds masterful while some of it sounds like an elephant trying to play the flute. I’ve been […]

Three Massively Underrated Bands

Throughout music history there have been bands and artists who, despite their talent and unique sounds, have passed under the radar of the vast majority of music lovers. Sometimes these bands changed the music scene from behind the curtain and are hailed as geniuses by more successful bands or they just didn’t quite have the […]

Overhead Wires And The Punk Ethos

There’s no shortage of support for musicians in Brighton. There seems to be (although I haven’t taken the time to count) hundreds of magazines, recording studios, venues and labels all vying for a piece of the action and all covering the many different parts of the music scene in the local area. One such label […]