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How To Get Gigs

              So you or your band have got some decent material together, you’ve practiced until you don’t miss a beat and you think it sounds pretty bloody brilliant. It’s time to get your music out there to the masses and hit the gigging circuit. But where to start? Making […]

How To Write Song Lyrics

Lyrics are incredibly important to the feel and final version of a song. Often they can make or break it. Good lyrics can define an era or a whole musical style; just look at old school blues “My baby left me” everyone knows that one, which just goes to show how crucial lyrics can be. […]

How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar

Ok so I know some of you will laugh at this but I do know people who have played guitar for a while now and still waste their money taking their guitar to a music shop to have it restrung. This is a terrible waste of money for a job that takes 15 minutes max […]