CAN – The Lost Tapes

                  It is a generally accepted article of rock ‘n’ roll faith that The Velvet Underground were, both musically and in terms of attitude, the single most influential group in history. The shades, the heroin chic, the walls of feedback married to pure pop melody, the S&M […]

Sunn O))) Live At Coalition

So far, it’s not been a bad year at all for those in Brighton wanting to hear something a bit heavier. Back in March, Earth – a major influence on the current band in question – brought their countrified brand of drone to the city, while last month saw grunge legends The Melvins descending. Continuing […]

Hush Hush at The Western Front

If you haven’t heard of it already, Hush Hush is a relaxed acoustic night run by Chuck SJ Hay and Hope Rudd, which started life at White Rabbit on Sunday nights and has now spawned a twin: Hush Hush at The Western Front on Wednesday nights. The evening promised five local acts in the cosy […]

The Great Escape: Stranded Horse

                The Great Escape comes to Brighton every year and sees an array of Ray bans, skinny jeans and straw hats descending on Brighton station from the big smoke. Every year I say I will attend the event and then it never happens and I feel mildly envious […]

Roddy Woomble – Live At The Haunt

For those of you who have not heard of him, Roddy Woomble is the lead singer for Idlewild which I featured in my underrated bands article. He is also an accomplished folk singer/songwriter in his own right having released three solo albums and is currently touring his latest release The Impossible Song & Other Songs.

Jake Mackay’s New EP Launch Night

It was a chilly Saturday night, the kind of night that smokers will forever lament for having started the filthy habit and for hunkering down in Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar for Jake Mackay’s solo EP Clouds Come Over launch night. The night was organised and promoted by local not-for-profit label Overhead Wires who have been […]