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An Interview With Hope Rudd


It would be easy to introduce this article with a spine chillingly cringing pun about there being hope for new music, but instead all I can say is that I Hope you’re Rudd-y for an introduction to one of Brighton’s brightest musical talents, Hope Rudd. Sorry. So Sorry.

If you haven’t stopped reading already then not only are you incredibly forgiving but you also have a desire to discover Continue Reading »

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Buskers Of Brighton: Andy Bibby

Love them or hate them, buskers are absolutely everywhere in Brighton, filling our streets with melodious and sometimes odious music; thanks mainly to the council’s laid back attitude to busking in general. This is the first in a series of articles profiling some of the better acts that linger around our street corners.

Andy Bibby (and Ian)

Andy is a drummer who attended the Brighton Institute Of Modern Music. He plays drums whilst busking with his friend and guitarist Ian.

How did you and Ian get together musically?

I met Ian whilst busking with a mate of mine called Harvey Fenny, he said he was also a busker and liked my ‘feel’ of drumming, so we exchanged numbers and met up for a busk. Continue Reading »

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Roddy Woomble – Live At The Haunt

For those of you who have not heard of him, Roddy Woomble is the lead singer for Idlewild which I featured in my underrated bands article. He is also an accomplished folk singer/songwriter in his own right having released three solo albums and is currently touring his latest release The Impossible Song & Other Songs.

Continue Reading »

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How To Write Song Lyrics

Lyrics are incredibly important to the feel and final version of a song. Often they can make or break it. Good lyrics can define an era or a whole musical style; just look at old school blues “My baby left me” everyone knows that one, which just goes to show how crucial lyrics can be. In folk music the lyrics are usually first and foremost in the songs, the instruments are used as backing for what the artist has to say. This is why if you were to listen to them without the lyrics they would just be basic chords. The lyrics hold it all together. Continue Reading »

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Five Brilliant Album Covers

Call me old fashioned but in a way I’m sad that albums aren’t produced as vinyl anymore in the same numbers that they used to be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s bloody brilliant being able to fit 80 albums onto a small square in my pocket (I have an Ipod Nano and I love it) so I always have a choice of what I want to listen to when I’m out and about. The problem is, having grown up with CDs, I miss the artwork and inside booklets that come with an album. Continue Reading »

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How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar

Ok so I know some of you will laugh at this but I do know people who have played guitar for a while now and still waste their money taking their guitar to a music shop to have it restrung. This is a terrible waste of money for a job that takes 15 minutes max once it’s been mastered.

I also feel that as this is the first of the How To series it should start at the beginning with the basics that everyone should know. Continue Reading »

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Brighton Recording Studios – A Short Guide

More and more bands and solo artists at grass roots level are taking the option of recording their music at home. The last ten years has seen an explosion of DIY recordings, due mainly to the availability of laptops, cheap recording software and the rise of Myspace and Facebook as free tools for anyone around the world to listen to their tracks. Continue Reading »